Patriots News · JCW (B) goes 2-2 at Wayne County Classic

49 Jay County High School
24 Winchester Community High School
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Jay County High School vs Winchester Community High School
49 24

Jay County’s B team competed against other Varstiy Wrestling teams on Friday evening at the Wayne County Classic.  Jay County went 2-2.  A few varsity wrestlers competed in this event due to previously missed matches.  Full results below:

Jay County (B) 49 Winchester 24
106: Daniel Moore (JAY) over Quentin Keen (WINC) (Fall 5:30) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Taye Curtis (JAY) over Ryder Brandenburg (WINC) (Fall 3:59) 126: Caleb Meadows (JAY) over Brock Hays (WINC) (Dec 16-12) 132: Aiden Stephens (JAY) over Landon Friend (WINC) (Fall 5:52) 138: Zach Bates (WINC) over Tyler Manor (JAY) (Fall 2:34) 145: Trey Nichols (JAY) over Elijah Zigler (WINC) (MD 15-3) 152: Reed Brandenburg (WINC) over Daidrick Retz (JAY) (Fall 0:30) 160: Blake Pruett (JAY) over Alex VanMeter (WINC) (Fall 4:16) 170: Maddox Rose (WINC) over (JAY) (For.) 182: Ryan Herring (JAY) over (WINC) (For.) 195: B Jenkins (WINC) over Isaiah Riggins (JAY) (Fall 1:42) 220: Kaeghan Kahlig (JAY) over (WINC) (For.) 285: Ricky Nava (JAY) over (WINC) (For.)

Beech Grove 42  Jay County (B) 36106: Daniel Moore (JAY) over J VanHook (BGRV) (Fall 5:00) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Taye Curtis (JAY) over (BGRV) (For.) 126: D Pettigrew (BGRV) over Aiden Stephens (JAY) (Fall 0:41) 132: A Hernandez (BGRV) over Caleb Meadows (JAY) (Fall 0:24) 138: G Thompson (BGRV) over Tyler Manor (JAY) (Fall 0:25) 145: D Henderson (BGRV) over Logan Orso (JAY) (Fall 0:25) 152: Daidrick Retz (JAY) over (BGRV) (For.) 160: Blake Pruett (JAY) over J Crabtree (BGRV) (Fall 3:20) 170: J Skinner (BGRV) over (JAY) (For.) 182: Ryan Herring (JAY) over J Florence (BGRV) (Fall 3:41) 195: Isaiah Riggins (JAY) over A Crowley (BGRV) (Fall 4:56) 220: N Thompson (BGRV) over (JAY) (For.) 285: J Broadwell (BGRV) over Ricky Nava (JAY) (Fall 0:20)

Franklin County 43  Jay County (B) 27106: Daniel Moore (JAY) over (FRCO) (For.) 113: Taye Curtis (JAY) over R Zurburg (FRCO) (Fall 1:09) 120: Double Forfeit 126: O Dawish (FRCO) over Caleb Meadows (JAY) (Dec 4-2) 132: Evan Seal (FRCO) over Aiden Stephens (JAY) (Fall 0:35) 138: Adam Crouch (FRCO) over Tyler Manor (JAY) (Fall 0:31) 145: Breck Bohman (FRCO) over Trey Nichols (JAY) (Fall 1:37) 152: Hayden Newell (FRCO) over Daidrick Retz (JAY) (Fall 1:00) 160: Blake Pruett (JAY) over Jordan Eversole (FRCO) (Dec 12-6) 170: Eric Schwab (FRCO) over (JAY) (For.) 182: Logan Kelley (JAY) over M Browning (FRCO) (Fall 2:31) 195: Isaiah Riggins (JAY) over (FRCO) (For.) 220: Lendon Sizemore (FRCO) over (JAY) (For.) 285: ? Bolser (FRCO) over Ricky Nava (JAY) (MD 13-0)

Jay County (B) 42  Lincoln 36106: Double Forfeit 113: Daniel Moore (JAY) over A Frost (CCL) (Fall 2:43) 120: Taye Curtis (JAY) over C Stegnor (CCL) (Fall 0:43) 126: Aiden Stephens (JAY) over (CCL) (For.) 132: Caleb Meadows (JAY) over (CCL) (For.) 138: G Sherwood (CCL) over Tyler Manor (JAY) (Fall 2:38) 145: J Miles (CCL) over Trey Nichols (JAY) (Fall 1:11) 152: K Miller (CCL) over Daidrick Retz (JAY) (Fall 3:55) 160: Blake Pruett (JAY) over D Cameron (CCL) (Fall 2:48) 170: A Hokey (CCL) over (JAY) (For.) 182: Logan Kelley (JAY) over R Riggs (CCL) (Fall 1:35) 195: Isaiah Riggins (JAY) over T Payne (CCL) (Fall 0:38) 220: X Ballard (CCL) over (JAY) (For.) 285: C Gumm (CCL) over Ricky Nava (JAY) (Fall 0:58)