Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Girls Varsity Gymnastics finishes 1st place at Marion High School @ Marion High School

  Place Points
Jay County High School 1st 99.275
Marion High School 2nd 49.1

The Jay County gymnastics team was on fire Thursday night at their season opener vs. the Marion Giants. The Patriots swept first place in every event including earning a team score 99.275, over 3 points higher than their previous year top team score.
Jay county began their evening on the vault taking all honors except second place. Karlie Bullard took first place in vault with a score of 8.735. Debuting a new vault, Riley Leavell earned third place honors with an 8.4, followed by Kenzie Ring, Paige Howell and Rachel Louck taking taking 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.
Jay County’s next rotation was the uneven parallel bars. Ring turned in a phenomenal routine, earning her first place with a score of 8.6. Bullard received a score of 7.75 earning her the second place ribbon. Leavell, Louck and Howell earned 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.
Jay County excelled on the floor sweeping the top five awards. Bullard earned first place with a 9.05, followed by Ring in second with an 8.6. Third place was Howell with an 8.1, followed by Louck with an 8.0 and Leavell with a 7.9.
Jay county finished the evening on the balance beam. Once again, Bullard earned first place with a beautiful no-fall routine earning her a score of 8.55. Louck earned second place honors with her own no-fall routine scoring an 8.2. Ring, Leavell and Howell earned 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Varsity scores are as follows:
*-denotes a personal best score
1st – Bullard 8.735*
3rd-Leavell 8.4*
4th-Ring 8.35
5th-Howell 8.3*
6th-Louck 8.15

1st – Ring 8.6
2nd – Bullard 7.75
4th- Leavell 6.9
5th- Louck 6.55
6th-Howell 6.1

1st-Bullard 9.05*
2nd-Ring 8.6
3rd-Howell 8.1*
4th-Louck 8.0
5th-Leavell 7.9

1st-Bullard 8.55*
2nd-Louck 8.25*
4th-Ring 8.0
5th-Leavell 7.1
6th-Howell 6.7*

1st-Bullard 34.075*
2nd-Ring 33.55
4th-Louck 30.95
5th-Leavell 30.3
6th-Howell 29.2*

The Patriots also won the junior varsity competition with a score of 61.95 lead by junior Randi Ferguson. Ferguson swept all three events she was entered in, including performing her first no-fall beam routine. JV scores are as follows:

1st-Ferguson 8.0
3rd- Kaitlyn Morningstar 7.7*
4th-Lexus Harding 7.5

1st-Ferguson 7.5
2nd-Morningstar 7.2*
3rd-Harding 6.65
6th-Kionah Hartzell 6.075

1st-Ferguson 7.2
2nd-Hartzell 5.6
4th-Morningstar 4.6

1st-Ferguson 22.7
2nd-Morningstar 19.5
4th-Harding 14.15
6th-Hartzell 11.675

The Patriots next meet is vs. Cambridge Lincoln on Thursday, January 18th at 6:00 pm.